AGCS provides SEDEX Complinace audit , Social Ethical Audit, Ethical Complinace Audit, smeta ETI Audit, Social Compliance certification Audit in Ahmedababd in India.

AGCS offer sedex audit, Social Audit, smeta audit, Ethical Audit, sedex certification, Social Compliance, supplier management in AHMEDABAD for Laboratory in India.

SMETA Audits - Health and Safety for Sustainability and Environmental Complinace Audits
AGCS conduct SMETA audits to help indian retailers, MSME consumer brands and their local suppliers to reduce duplication of effort in ethical and social compliance trade auditing. SEDEX- stands for Responsible Sourcing Or Ethical Audit , sedex responsible-sourcing-or-ethical-audit.
AGCS provides Consultanting and Offers SEDEX- Responsible Sourcing Or Ethical Audit in Ahmedabad, Mehsana , Vadodara in Gujarat.