Sedex And -SMETA Audit in Mumbai

SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) was developed by the Sedex Associate Auditor Group. Two key purposes of this Sedex audit are transparency and sustainable improvement.

There are two types of audit under SMETA- 2 pillar audit and 4 pillar audit. The 2 pillar audit comprises of labour standards and health & safety. The 2 pillar audit has requirements for the environment, but this is based on the law of the country. The 4 pillar audit comprises of an additional two areas: environment and business integrity. Factories are to select their audit type based on client’s request.

This Sedex audit has 5 steps in its process:

Opening meeting
Document review, factory tour, management interview
Employee interview
Pre-closing meeting
Closing meeting
During the audit process, communication between all parties is important. Good communication will allow the audit to be carried out smoothly. All the reviews and interviews also should be adhered to as they are part of the factory being transparent. Only when a factory is transparent can they be better advised on how to improve.

Audit standards can be based on local law and regulations, ETI base code or any special requirements by the client.

The SMETA Sedex audit content comprises of 14 codes:

Management systems and code implementation
Forced labour
Freedom of association
Health and safety
Child labour and young workers
Wages and benefits
Working hours
Regular employment
Sub-contracting and homeworkers