SEDEX Certification Consultancy for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange
SEDEX ? Supplier Ethical Data Exchange - is a secure online platform for sharing and viewing information on labour standards, health and safety as well as environment and business ethics. SEDEX is neither a standard setting body, nor code of conduct or certification. It is the largest global organization having members in more than 150 countries.
SEDEX is the largest collaborative platform for sharing ethical supply chain data, which is a not-for-profit membership organization
Process of SEDEX Certification
SEDEX is not a standard setting body, code of conduct or certification. Instead the role of SEDEX standard is to enable you to effectively share and manage supply chain information, with the aim of driving continuous improvement. SEDEX has two aims, one is to ease the burden on suppliers facing multiple audits, questionnaires and certifications, and the other is to drive improvements in the ethical performance of global supply chains. is having experienced team for SEDEX certification consultants who guide clients to make process quick and effective. The SEDEX certificate is given by recognized certifying body and they carry out site audit for SEDEX certification. After certification they carry out annual certification audit.
Steps for SEDEX Certification Consultancy by
? Micro-level survey of the existing system
? Prepare the SEDEX documentation
? Make registration on SEDEX.
? Conduct awareness program (top + middle + bottom level).
? Form a steering committee and task-force for each level of committee
? Identify and define process approach
? Define policy and establish objectives
? Prepare documents of SEDEX management system.
? Implementation and training of all personnel in the use of procedures and formats.
? Self-assessment of the system
? Assess the system through first internal audit.
? Take corrective actions for non-conformities.
? Apply for SMETA audit.
? Complete the audit.
Benefits of SEDEX Certification
? Drives improvements in ethical and responsible business practices
? Increase s efficiency
? Saves time and resources
? Improves supplier engagement
? Boosts productivity
? Reduces reputational risk
? Helps gain competitive advantage
? Helps drive collaboration and reduce duplication
SEDEX Requirements
For SEDEX requirements SMETA (SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit) is done by the certifying body.
The basic SEDEX requirements are as below:
? Labour standards
? Health and safety
? Environment
? Business practices.
SEDEX Certification Documentation KitThe Sedex Audit Company Group operate the world largest collaborative platform for managing ethical supply chain data. This allows customers to view data related to supply chain auditing from multiple parties, thus increasing the efficiency of supply chain auditing. Accredium Confirmity Assessment Services Private Limited is now a member of SEDEX, and can now upload the results of audits to the SEDEX database at Bengaluru, Noida, Patna, Vizag, Nashik, Gurgaon, Madurai, Chennai,Ahmedabad, ,Navi - Mumbai Delhi, Mumbai,Pune ,Kovai, jaipur,Hyderabad,Surat,Nagpur,Thane, Vadodara J,Kolkata, Kochi,Lucknow,Ludhiana,
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