SA 8000 Certification Consultants in Maharashtra, Social Accountability is a global standardized code of conduct with a goal of improving working conditions in Kerala Kerala India. Organizations concerned towards auditing and certifying labour practices in their facilities can opt for gaining conformity to the universal standard of SA 8000 in Kerala Kerala India. SA 8000 Certification is a tool to help apply these norms to practical work-life situations in Maharashtra India.

SA 8000 certification evaluates the performance of an organization and addresses eight chief areas: child labour, compensation, discrimination, disciplinary practices, free association and collective bargaining, forced labour, health & safety, and working hours in {City} {State} India. Along with measuring these aspects, SA 8000 also provides a social accountability management system that helps in demonstrating all ongoing conformance's with this standard. SA 8000 Certification provides a public report of good practice to consumers, buyers, and other companies and is intended to be a significant milestone in improving workplace conditions in Maharashtra India.