WRAP Audit services in India
As an accredited Accredium Certifications Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) monitor with over 10 years? experience, Sedex is ideally placed to assist you in conducting a WRAP audit. This will verify your compliance with WRAP principles on lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing.
WRAP is an independent, non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion and certification of lawful, human, and ethical manufacturing throughout the world.
Set up in 2000, WRAP is the world?s largest labour and environmental certification programme for labour-intensive consumer products manufacturing and processing. WRAP is supported by 25 international trade associations, including the International Apparel Federation, which represents 36 national associations and over 150,000 individual companies.
The WRAP principles cover basic standards that address labour practices, factory conditions, and environmental and customs compliance. They consist of 12 elements:
? Compliance with laws and workplace regulations
? Prohibition of forced labour
? Prohibition of child labour
? Prohibition of harassment or abuse
? Compensation and benefits
? Hours of work
? Freedom of association and collective bargaining
? Health and safety
? Prohibition of discrimination
? Environment
? Customs compliance
? Security
Certification may be granted for six months or one to two years, depending on the final audit results and the length of time that the facility has held certification successfully.
Step 1 Application: Manufacturer first contacts WRAP for an audit request and sends back the completed application form and fee to initiate the certification process.
Step 2 Self-Assessment: The facility must adopt generally accepted international workplace standards, local laws and workplace regulations following the procedures described in the WRAP Handbook and provide evidence that they have been implemented for at least 45 days (not less than 90 days for new applicants).
Step 3 Monitoring: The facility then chooses and contacts a WRAP accredited auditor firm to get audited. The report and recommendations are sent to both the facility and WRAP.
Step 4 Evaluation: WRAP staff may notify the facility that it needs to correct certain procedures and have the monitor make an additional inspection and report or may recommend to the Certification Board that the factory be certified.
Step 5 Certification: The Certification Board studies the recommendation of the staff, including the monitor?s report, and votes to award or withhold certification.
We has WRAP accredited auditors in most major sourcing countries and we are able to provide consistent monitoring and reporting to support certification recommendations. With over 10 years? experience of undertaking WRAP audits, we can guide you through the process while ensuring that professional audit standards are maintained.
Discover how WRAP auditing from we can help you and your suppliers maintain compliance with ethical trading requirements.

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